Every week on a Friday, Tachoblog asks drivers in the Tachoblog Tribe to send in a picture of what they can see through their windscreen along with one line saying where they are – and any other relevant comment.  This week’s crop is, as always, a fascinating snapshot of the world today.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with this week’s selection.

Starting in Europe where rainerri1967 was stuck in traffic in Wangen im Allgäu, near the Bodensee in Germany.

090403 cabview rainerri

Over in America, TruckerDesiree was parked in ‘Idleaire in Pennsylvania

090403 cabview truckerdesiree

SurfingTrucker is on River Rd in Lawrence, MA

090403 cabview surfingtrucker

Heydriver (and Goldie) saw this Tea room for sale on US Rte 222 S, Maiden Creek, PA.

090403 cabview heydriver

emailokc is parked in a tow yard in Wichita Kansas

090403 cabview emailokc

TruckerRich is at Wal-Mart DC,  Red Bluff, Ca

090403 cabview truckerrich

Danny ‘LorryDay’ was in Parliament Square, London – Big Ben , Parliment and the BA wheel in the distance.

090403 cabview lorryday

Finally Tachoblog wants to thank all the drivers that have sent in their ‘View From The Cab’ photographs for today,  Tachoblog is very grateful.  If you’re a driver reading this and you want to get involved, please send in your ‘View From The Cab’ to mystuff@tachoblog.com next Friday.