Into December then with our first View From The Cab for this month.  In our collection this week we can show you that it’s certainly cold here in the UK (and elsewhere too) but on the other side of the planet there’s no snow to be seen.

So, in the order that we received them, join us as we travel from America to England, to America again, to New Zealand, to Germany, back to America before we finish up in Australia.

We start our Views with some from Darkstaff.  This is of his ‘first snow of the year. Joy. Just east of Snowville [that has to be a made up name surely!], Utah’…

Darkstaff112 427x320

…This is a shot of ‘Drivers on the western slope of Cabbage removing their chains’…

Darkstaff211 427x320

Now click below for one more from Darkstaff and the rest of the Views from the Tachoblog Tribe…

…In his final View this week, Darkstaff’s sent us this of  ‘US97 bridge to Washington over the Columbia River’.

Darkstaff37 427x320

Heydriver and Goldie bid us a ‘good morning’ from Pulaski, Virginia…

Heydriver14 427x254

…Heydriver thought he’d missed #HineyHolidaze, but he hasn’t.  We updated A Backdoor View Of Trucking From TheNose100 – And Tachoblog! to make sure they were part of it!

Heydriver23 427x254

TheNose100 -  originator of #HineyHolidaze and co-conspiritor in #FrostyFenders (more on that next week) – sent this View from Cleveland, Ohio and says that ‘Fun and games are over, back to work. Man, I’ve sloppy handwriting’ [in case you're wondering that's his Log Book where he records his driving & rest hours]…

TN100 114 427x320

…Still in Cleveland he sent ‘a true view from the cab. Back to work, hooked up, log book caught up, time to roll…

TN100 211 427x320

…His third View comes from when he was ‘headed South in the near freezing rain on I-71 near Jeffersonville, Ohio, I noticed this truck with some FUD on it. I really think something gets lost in the Translation. FUD is short for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, and I don’t want any of that when it comes to a hot-dog’.

(He then ‘found John’s Blog and he has a better explanation about the FUD truck, and BIMBO too. Funny Mexican Brand Names that just don’t make it past the universal translation barrier)…

TN100 35 427x320

…’And here’s another shot, in about the same area on I-71, but a day later.  It’s trying to get Frosty on My Fenders. But it didn’t happen’…

TN100 41 427x320

…Finally he sends this, once again from  I-71. ‘I The Trucks Logo just make me think that he had a whole lot of BlueTooth to go around. I’m thinking he’s hording it’.

TN100 51 427x320

[In case you were wondering, the real BlueTooth logo looks like thus]

TN100 6 Bluetooth logo

Emailokc sent in this from ‘my parking space in Indiana’…

Emailokc1 427x254

…And a ‘good morning from Montana’.

Emailokc2 427x254

In England a new member of the Tachoblog Tribe, LittleMissTrucker, was at a standstill (again) at the junction for the A2 / M25 [See, we told you it'd been snowing in the UK].

LittleMissTrucker 427x320

Back to America now and into Texas where we catch up with Amishtrucker who was ‘Running Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi. That’s downtown CC up on the right. The water is CC Bay’…


…Now he’s ‘running the causeway to the ‘Island’. Fishing camp there on the right. The bridge is on the right edge. This is the John F. Kennedy Memorial Causeway and Bridge going to Padre Island’…


…The weather in Texas is a bit warmer than Tachoblog’s experiencing at the moment as you can see from this ‘nice morning run on US59 south near Sinton’.  Just to rub it in, Amishtrucker reminds us that ‘this is December’.


To New Zealand then and that can only mean one person…Vic H.  Vic says that ‘the first 3 photos were taken around Atiamuri, on State Highway 1, about 30 minutes north of Lake Taupo’…

VicH12 427x320

…’It is often foggy here and these photos are fairly typical of the area in the early morning’…

VicH22 427x320

…’The bridge in the second photo crosses the Waikato River and is not in very good condition so it now has a 50km/h speed limit in place in the hope that this will extend its life long enough for a replacement bridge to be built’…

VicH32 427x320

…’The 4th photo was taken about 20 minutes after the first three, closer to Lake Taupo; the steam you can see is from the Wairakei geothermal power station’.

VicH42 427x320

Next we ‘hop’ to Germany where Rainerri1967 shows us ‘Winter in Black Forest. -11C’.

Rainerri1967 123

Back to America one last time, and we meet another new member of the Tachoblog Tribe, Edibledawg.  He’s sent this View of a ‘beautiful Sunrise in Adel, Georgia’.

edibledawg1 427x320

Last one for this week and it’s time to go to Australia and meet TwoCrowsDown who has seen ‘fridges all in a row’ at the Toll Express yard in Kewdale, Western Australia.


Before we go, Tachoblog would like to thank the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  If you’d like to join in next time then you’ll be most welcome.  Al you have to do is email your Views to or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall. Don’t forget to include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

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