This week’s View From The Cab is a liitle bit special.  Not because of the Views that Tachoblog’s been sent, but simply because we’ve reached VFTC’s first anniversary.  And it all started with Tachoblog’s View From The Cab 20.3.09.

So Tachoblog would like to thank not only the Tachoblog Tribe that have sent in their Views this week, but also to everyone that given us pictures over the last year.  Right then, champagne put away so let’s get on with this week’s selection.

We start with Heydriver and Goldie who were at The Home Depot in Downingtown, Pennsylvania and saw ‘Cherry blossoms? Spring? Hooray!’…

Heydriver 14

…Next they were at ‘Diner Americana. West bound on US Route 30 just east of Lancaster, Pennsylvania’…

Heydriver 24

Click below for more from Heydriver & Goldie as well as all the rest of this week’s Views…

…Then they saw ‘Prohibitions’ on US Route 222 S near Allentown…

Heydriver 33

…And finally wondered ‘What’s on the telly?’ at this electronic billboard on US Route 222 S in Reading.

Heydriver 41

TexasTrucker was in Eloy, Arizona.


Amishtrucker was ‘being passed by the ice cream truck on IH 35 just north of Laredo, Texas’…


…He also sent this View of  Beltway 8 (Houston) ‘loaded with traffic This view is NB just past the 59 exit on the west side of town.’


TheNose100 was in Detroit, Michigan and, ‘not hooked up to that hose, due to a hot water issue. 3 hour delay so far. Oh well. I do get “detention” pay’..

TheNose100 15

…However, ‘while waiting to get loaded, PIZZA!’.  He adds that ‘My wife was along for todays run from Cleveland, OH to Michigan. I don’t know if it was her charm that prompted the Fox Trucking driver to offer us pizza or not, but I’m glad that he did. – This loading location is known for occasionally having snafus. icon sad So us drivers do our best to make some lemonade from the lemons.’

TheNose100 25

Rainerri1967 sent in this View from from Tuttlingen City in Germany…

Rainerri1967 15

…A little further on he had ‘Pain in my heart. Old steam engine’s oxidizing.’

Rainerri1967 22

Rainerri1967 3

Rainerri1967 4

SurfingTrucker had ‘Another 3am start in Lawrence, Massachusetts’…

SurfingT 1

…But luckily the ‘plant is pretty empty – short day for me’…

SurfingT 2

…And with ‘a full load of aluminum cans, I’m ready to go.’

SurfingT 3

Drivergeoff was in Lot B at MATS in Lousiville, Kentucky.

Drivergeoff 1

Lastly for this week, TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog were also at MATS  and sent these Views of a pair of 1958 Macks.

TruckerDesiree 11

TruckerDesiree 2

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