Time for Tachoblog’s favourite post of the week – and we hope it’s your’s too – as we see where and what the Tachoblog Tribe have been up to this week in View From The Cab.

We start this week’s selection from (relatively) close to where Tachoblog is with this View fromRizzo101 of the Newcastle Upon Tyne fruit and veg market when it’s empty.

Rizzo101" rel="lightbox[pics7178]" href="http://www.tachoblog.com/wp-content/uploads/Rizzo101.jpg">Rizzo101

Click below for the rest of this week’s Views…

Heydriver and Goldie were ‘on ice’ at Behr Paint in Allentown, Pennsylvania…

Heydriver 1

…All this cold weather must be getting to them becuase they also sent this View saying ‘and now, for something completely different.  I remember a day in May.’

Heydriver 2

TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog were waiting to get the go ahead for a new fuel filter – but Tachoblog doesn’t know where they were.


Over in New Zealand, Vic H was in ‘the Bay of Plenty and came home through the Karangahake Gorge’…

Vic H 11

…’with its steep cliffs’…

Vic H 21

…’and narrow winding roads beside the Ohinemuri River’…

Vic H 31

…’This Gorge opens out into the town of Paeroa; last Sunday this main street had motorcycles tearing along it at close to 300 km/h as on the 3rd Sunday of February every year Paeroa becomes the home of the Paeroa Street Races, a very spectacular event as the spectators on the footpaths are only a couple of feet away from the bikes.’

Vic H 41

SurfingTrucker was enjoying a ‘beautiful morning in Boston, Massachusetts’ as he crossed the Zakhim Bridge…

SurfingTrucker 1

…However 65 miles west on I-90 in Worcester is ‘NOTHING like Boston’.

SurfingTrucker 2

TheNose100 was also on I-90 but in Pennsylvania where ‘someone was having a bad day on the slick roads’…

TheNose100 12

…’They had two wreckers pulling him out, didn’t make it into the photo.’

TheNose100 22

Amishtrucker was in Luling, Texas which, he tells us, ‘is known for the watermelons that are raised in the area. They have an annual festival called “Watermelon Thump” and painted one of their water towers for the good tasting things’…


…This cotton field he spotted somewhere near Kendleton, Texas and wondered why ‘it wasn’t harvested yet. But there it is.’


Billy J White was in Tonawanda, New York.  He ‘got lucky and missed the big snow!’


And that’s it for this week.

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