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Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 23.7.10

Tachoblog’s been a bit quiet this week, but we haven’t forgotten about View From The Cab.

Before we look at this week’s Views, Tachoblog would like to invite any driver to join in if they’d like to.  All you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog – please do include a line or wo of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.  Have a look at this week’s Views and you’ll get the idea in no time.

Anyway, let’s see what the Tachoblog Tribe have sent in this week.  We start with Amishtrucker who you won’t have seen in last weeks VFTC.  Thanks to the wonders (ahem) of technology we didn’t receive them when he first sent them and thanks to Tachoblog’s incompetence we didn’t add them to the post once he’d resent them, so we’ve a bumper crop from him this week which kicks off when we ride ‘along in coastal south Texas near Bay City fixing to go underneath the power lines that come north from the South Texas Nuclear Project’…

Amishtrucker 16

Click below for the rest of Amishtrucker’s Views and all the others from the Tachoblog Tribe…

…Now Amishtrucker is ‘sitting at the red light at Corn Products Road in Corpus Christi. A left turn here and I am at one of my favorite restaurants after a day or working the city.  Corn Products Road is sort of an interesting name but I don’t know the history behind it. Will have to do some research’…

Amishtrucker 26

.Speaking of corn products, this field of corn (and many more like them) are to be seen all around my part of Texas these days. This particular field is close to Markham, Texas…

Amishtrucker 33

…Lastly this is his View of a marker near Cararina, Texas on US hwy 83 that he says he’s passed ‘many times, too busy to stop. But this time I had time to stop and read, and I am glad I did. The Camino Real, the King’s Highway, also known as the Old San Antonio road, ran through Louisiana and Texas and on to Mexico City. I don’t think that there is a road today that follows the old El Camino Real along the whole way but parts of different highways today follow the original route.

Amishtrucker 4

More information here:


And that is my VFTC this week!  Wishing everyone a good week!’

TheNose100 was ‘waiting to get into alley for delvery in Akron, Ohio’…

TN100 18 427x320

…He says ‘this thing here is called a Wash Ball. You drop it inside a tanker trailer to wash it out with hot water’…

TN100 26

…Hey!! I got past the gate and am now UnLoading 48k of smooth, slippery, sticky sugary, sweet stuff’.

TN100 32 427x320

From Germany Rainerri1967 sent us hist first View (and possibly his first picture) with his new iPhone4.  He was in Ettenheim and unloading his trailer.


McNabbtransport says that ‘today’s a good day to be in a boat’.

McNabb1 427x255

Darkstaff sent us two Views, this one is ‘Detroit from Ambassador’s Bridge, the Canadian side’…

Darkstaff17 427x318

…And this one of a ‘strange orange glow seen over greater Chicago area…No wait. It’s just the sun’.

Darkstaff26 427x318

Finally for this week we catch up with SurfingTrucker.  We’re sorry to hear that he’s ‘still healing from bone fusion’, but pleased that he’s ‘back in the saddle this week’…

SurfingTrucker13 427x320

…This is him ‘crossing the Merrimac river in Lawrence, Massachusetts at dawn’.

SurfingTrucker23 427x320

Tachoblogs thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for their Views, without them this would be a very dull feature!

For those of you missing your Views of New Zealand, you’ll be pleased to know that Vic H is alive and well, just on holiday!  We received an email from him today and he says that he’s back at work next week, so we can look forward to some Views then.

That’s all from Tachoblog for this week, we’ll be back on Monday.

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