Friday again already which means it’s time for this week’s View From The Cab

We start this week with SurfingTrucker who wished us a good morning from I-290 in Auburn, Massachusetts.

090619 vftc surfingtrucker

Rainerri1967 was on the A81 to Lake Bodensee in Germany enjoying / enduring ‘the normal traffic on Friday’.

090619 vftc rainerri1967 1

Back in America, and it looks like it’s raining everywhere as Heydriver and Goldie Climbed Mt. Pocono in Eastern Pennsylvania on I-80 W. On the road to Scranton…

090619 vftc heydriver1

…Later on and it’s raining on them even more as they’re in a downpour on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

090619 vftc heydriver2

Now we head to the other side of the globe, New Zealnd to be precise, where there’s no rain but snow!  Vic Hicungerford (our fist member of the Tachoblog Tribe from NZ) was following a very cautious campervan driver down Viaduct Hill in the central North Island. The mountain in the background is Mt Ruapehu, which is the mountain called Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings films…

090619 vftc vich1

…There was still snow when he was travelling along the Desert Rd a couple of days later in convoy with some more of his company’s tankers.  Vic says that ‘the snow had compacted and was a bit icy so I’m keeping a respectable distance behind.’

090619 vftc vich2

One place where it wasn’t snowing or raining was Australia, from where TwoCrowsDown sent more of a View Of The Cab.  He says ‘My new ride. It isn’t new but new to me. A huge improvement on the old blue girl! The bullbar is a little bent (!). Previous driver hit a cow and folded the bullbar back and the cow then spun around and headbutted the left side door on the cab. It’s going in the be fixed in a week and all the aluminium is getting a polish while it’s in the workshop.’  And, once it is out of the workshop, we’ll be adding her to our new ‘Owners Gallery‘.

090619 vftc twocrowsdown1

TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog must have found the only place in America where it wasn’t raining – Plains, Georgia,  Home of President Jimmy Carter! Peanut Country…

090619 vftc truckerdesiree1

…And once parked, they kept hearing chirping right next to their window & look what’s outside.

090619 vftc truckerdesiree2

And as I’m sure you’re all wondering where Tachoblog’s own view is, we’d better explain…The youngest of the Tachoblog offspring decided to try and ‘eat’ the mobile phone this morning and it’s not been right since.  Hopefully we’ll be able to join in again next week.

That’s it for this week’s View From The Cab, more next Friday.