View From The Cab time again!  Tachoblog can’t believe how quickly the week flies by.

This week, as they always do, the Tachoblog Tribe have sent in Views of what they can see through their windscreens and we’re really grateful to them for doing so.  We’re delighted to welcome Jerry B (& the Uganda Crew) to the Tachoblog Tribe and you can see their Views a little further down this post.

Anyway, let’s start with Darkstaff who sent in this View of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.   He says that the picture ‘doesn’t do it justice. This city is beautiful’…

Darkstaff 1

Click below for the rest of this week’s Views…

…Darkstaff’s second picture is of the Atlantic Ocean coast in New Brunswick.

Darkstaff 2

Rainerri1967 was loading this in Eisenbach in the Blackforest, Germany…

Rainerri1967 12

…And was then on the way to Freiburg.  He says that ‘we call the place Hirschsprung’.

Rainerri1967 21

Earlier this week TheNose100 was at Domino sugar, Baltimore, Maryland waiting for a door…

TheNose100 11

…He says that they ‘even get dandy little lables. I must look naked, I’m not wearing mine while in the staging area’…

TheNose100 21

..However today he was in Dunkirk, New York and sent this ‘Inside view of alley that I have to back down at  juice place’…

TheNose100 3

…Finally he sent us this ‘outside view of the cab. Not to bad unless barrels are in the way’.

TheNose100 4

Heydriver amd Goldie make a welcome return this week, sending in this View of ‘blue ice frozen in time’ from Hazelton, Pennsylvania


Fanfare please as we receive our first African (and Indian!) Views from Jerry B (& the Uganda Crew) who have sent in a few Views.  Jerry wason the Hoima to Kampala road in Uganda, when he saw this ‘Orwellian herd of cattle supervises the transport of some humans to market, hopefully before the green plantain bananas ripen”. 30 odd cows jammed into this single axle, 6 tonne cargo truck, with horns and tails tied to the roof bars to cause enough pain to prevent them spooking in the back’…

Jerry B 1

…From the Uganda Crew we have this View taken by Clare de Wet whilst on holiday with husband Tim in India. This was near the town of Jodhpur…

Jerry B 2

…And from Mike Wilson this from just outside Arua town, in the West Nile area of Uganda.  Mike says  ‘Truck quite happily toddling along under its own steam, as oblivious to plod as seemingly plod was to it, and the regulation sisal twine holding the doors together can be clearly seen. I am not sure the Bad Driving number on the back door was operational at the time.’

Jerry B 3

SurfingTrucker got stuck in a jam in New Haven, Connecticut…


…But eventually got going and is here ‘crossing the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey’.


Finally for this week and coming somewhere clsoer to home for Tachoblog, we find LorryDay dropping off  ‘new crusher jaws in South London’…


…But that was after he’d found these Llamas in Kent.


That’s it for this week.  If you’d like to join in with View From The Cab, simply email your Views to or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog