Once again the Tachoblog Tribe have been sending in pictures of what they can see through their truck windscreens and today marks the 2nd birthday of VFTC!

Hard to believe isn’t it – well Tachoblog certainly can’t anyway.

So, to mark this special occasion, we thought we’d start with a quick history lesson…

The whole View From The Cab concept started when Tachoblog first got onto Twitter and the Tachoblog Tribe was born.

One of the first members of the tribe was Heydriver (and Goldie too of course!) and it was this picture of their’s that got us going.


This was taken on I-77 in West Virginia and, on 13th March 2009, we used it to create a post called ‘Tachoblog Says Hello to Heydriver in West Virginia‘.

Tachoblog discovered that other members of the Tachoblog Tribe also took pictures from their cabs, so we asked them to send some in.

Now click below for more VFTC history and this week’s View From The Cab…

TruckerDesiree joined in and then on 16th March we created a post called ‘Tachoblog Sees Where You’re At ‘.

The next day in ‘Tachoblog Can See More Of You‘ we had pictures from TheNose100 (now LakewoodLoon) and SurfingTrucker too.  And Tachoblog had had an idea!

We asked the Tachoblog Tribe to send in their Views for a new, regular Friday post we wanted to make called ‘View From The Cab’.

So it came to be that on 20th March 2009 we posted the very first VFTC -Tachoblog’s View From The Cab 20.3.09

Tachoblog wants to thank every memeber of the Tachoblog Tribe that’s ever sent us in a View for helping to make VFTC such a popular post.  We couldn’t have done it without you – thank you!

Right, let’s get on with this week’s Views then shall we.

We start (very suitably) with bergmanman who is the newest member of the Tachoblog Tribe.  His first View is of him ‘entering Soderhamn through the Norrala Valley.  As you can see, spring is slowly coming’…

bergmanman11 427x255

…Next we find him at the ‘Port of Gavle to unload timber for further transport to Japan’…

bergmanman21 427x255

…And lastly he’s ‘heading for the weekend!  Looking forward to this week’s VFTC roundup!’.

bergmanman3 427x255

LakewoodLoon was at his yard in Cleveland, Ohio and ‘hailing the reflection of the rising sun’…

LakewoodLoon14 427x320

…Now he’s in Silver Creek, New York ‘watching the dry vans do their dry van thang’.

LakewoodLoon23 427x320

In New Zealand Vic H sent in a ‘few shots taken as I was heading home to Auckland this week after having been down in the South Island. Just north of Wellington the main highway follows the coast past Pukerua Bay. In spite of the rocky shoreline, this a favourite spot for kite-surfers and windsurfers as there is often plenty of wind and waves for them’…

VicH19 427x310

…’Further north in the centre of the island the road follows the eastern side of Lake Taupo’…

VicH29 427x315

…’past Five Mile Bay’…

VicH38 427x320

…’and then moves inland along the new Taupo Bypass which I mentioned last week‘.

VicH48 427x320

Finally for this very special VFTC, we catch up with Darkstaff who was looking at the ‘spectacular sun driving west in Nebraska’…

Darkstaff6 400x320

…Next up, this View from I-84 in Oregon.  Darkstaff says (somewhat cryptically) that he’s ‘coming down off Cabbage today. With a little flair’…

Darkstaff124 427x320

…In this View you can see the ‘Columbia River Gorge. On the left is Oregon, the right, across the river, Washington’…

Darkstaff222 427x225

…And this is ‘Mt. Shasta as seen from I-5 southbound. The weather is beautiful!’…

Darkstaff316 312x320

…’Climbing Siskiyou Pass on I-5 in Oregon. On this side, the weather was great, the other side, SNOW!’.

Darkstaff49 427x320

That’s it for this week.

All that remains is for Tachoblog to thank everyone that sent in a View this week, and to thank the Tachoblog Tribe again for their continued support for VFTC.

Don’t forget that you’re more than welcome to join the Tachoblog Tribe and with VFTC if you’d like too.  All you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall.   Please remember include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.