Time, then, for our weekly look at the world through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe.

And this week’s View From The Cab is, in our opinion, really rather good.  We’ve got lots of Views this week (the most we’ve ever had Tachoblog thinks) and we welcome Edibledawg, DriverAlliance and Al_Goodhall to the Tachoblog Tribe.

So we ‘d best get on with it then!

We start this week with Amishtrucker who was ‘running along Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi again. After the cold weather of the last several weeks, this week is beautiful. I think We have have had into the 80′s on Monday but now it is back to somewhere in the 70′s in the daytime and just beautiful. Hard to imagine my friends up north are still looking at snow!


‘The cluster of tall buildings towards the right of the photograph are part of the Christus Spohn Corpus Christi Medical complex. This location is known as Christus Spohn Shoreline. Hard to see but the extreme right of the picture is the Bay Bridge linking Corpus Christi with Portland and Rockport and all points east on State Highway 35 (Not Interstate 35). Keep going far enough on this road and you will end up in Houston’.

Now click below for lots & lots more Views…

DriverAlliance was at Elk Mountain, Wyoming…

DriverAlliance1 427x320

…Where he was having to ‘catch up’.


Karma the Wonderdog (and TruckerDesiree!) make a welcome return to VFTC.  Karma says that her ‘Mama here @CovenantDrivers fer dokter so we stay at Bilding’…

Karma11 400x320

…’BOL It my tern tew see my @Tachoblog times fer #VFTC’…

Karma2 400x320

…’@Tachoblog show me so much truckers all over the wurld’.

Karma3 400x320

In Australia, TwoCrowsDown was near Meekatharra heading back to Perth.  There was ‘ots of flooding in the Pilbara region’.

TwoCrowsDown1 320x320

Al_Goodhall has sent us lots of Views (and we’re certainly not complaining!) starting with this one from near Racine, Wisconsin.

Al Goodhall1 427x320

Al Goodhall2 427x320

Al Goodhall3 427x320

Al Goodhall4 427x320

Al Goodhall5 427x320

Al Goodhall6 427x320

Al Goodhall8 427x320

Al Goodhall7 427x320

Al Goodhall9 427x320

Al Goodhall10 427x320

Al Goodhall11 427x320

Al Goodhall12 427x320

TheNose100 has changed…his name to LakewoodLoon and was in Marietta, Ohio. He says that ‘over yonder is the scale I use on the way in and to weigh out. Back up to unload’…

LakewoodLoon1 427x320

…Now he writes, ‘Dear Mr Van, please park in the small car lot that has 30 vs the 8 spots for trucks I-77 mm37′…

LakewoodLoon2 427x320

…His last View is a little sad as the Great White Grape Ape (his name for his truck) ‘ain’t doing so great..This ’98 Freightliner and I have traveled over 130,000 miles together over the past two years.  Yesterday, the #3 injector stopped injecting. Could be a wire, could be the injector. After a few hours in a shop in Canton, the powers that be decided they were done spending money on the truck. Work is slow, and we’ve got a couple of other newer trucks without drivers.  I’m really going to miss that truck. It has a Cummings N14 with a 10 speed tranny.  The other trucks. Have gutless Detroit’s in them, and can’t pass a kernel of popcorn going up a hill.  I won’t miss the sound of the wind whistling in my ears as I go down the road, or the leaky windscreen. I’ll be sitting quietly at the bottom of the hills, in the right lane watching the other big trucks defy gravity. ‘


Edibledawg sent us loads of Views, far too many for VFTC – but don’t worry we WILL be using them over next week.  His first picture this week is from Scenic View mm 203, I-70 West, Frisco, Colorado….

Edibledawg1 427x318

…Then one from I-70 west, Near Vail, Colorado…

Edibledawg2 427x318

…This is from the truck rest area in Eagle, Colorado…

Edibledawg3 427x318

…Here you can see Glenwood Springs Canyon, Colorado on  I-70 west…

Edibledawg4 427x318

…Edibledawg wishes us a ‘good morning’ from Yuma, Arizona…

Edibledawg5 427x320

…Like Darkstaff, he certainly seems to get around a bit.  This View is of a windmill farm on I-10 East in California…

Edibledawg6 427x320

…Finally from Edibledawg, we’re with him on I-15 South, Cajon Junction, California.

Edibledawg7 427x318

Time to head (very) South now as we catch up with Vic H in New Zealand.  Vic was ‘on the way back up north on State Highway 1 I and came across this low-loader carrying a dump truck body. It looks in the photo as if the Hall’s truck is passing illegally, however the heavy haulage driver has slowed right down and the front pilot has called on the CB to tell both the Hall’s driver and me it is safe to overtake’…

VicH 11 427x320

…’A bit further on and I’m on the Desert Road and it looks as if there is a storm coming up’…

VicH 21 427x320

…’Coming in to this winery/vineyard near Auckland I notice that the bird nets have been put over the vines; this means that the grapes are getting ripe and changing colour, so very soon it will be vintage time again’.

VicH 31 427x320

Back in America – and for our last Views  this week -  we join  Darkstaff who was ‘unloading at the Smurfit-Stone recycling plant, Jacksonville, Florida’…

Darkstaff121 400x320

…He also sent this one from Inlet Beach, Florida from US98.  He says it was a ‘gorgeous weather today in Florida!’…

Darkstaff220 400x320

…His next View is of the sunrise in Jacksonville,Florida.  He’s quite right when he comments that it’s ‘always nice to be by the ocean during sunrise. Gorgeous colors!’…


…This is from Mobile, Alabama [what a great name for a city!] with a ‘view in the lower left of the tunnel on I-10′…

Darkstaff47 400x320

…Darkstaff’s last View is of Kansas and he says, ‘yes. Kansas is flat. I-70 west around the 64 mile marker’.

Darkstaff53 400x320

Now you’ve seen it, we hope you’d agree that this week’s View From The Cab is indeed a classic! A massive thank you from Tachoblog to all of the Tachoblog Tribe that sent in their Views this week.

If you’d like to join in with View From The Cab then you’ll be most welcome.  All you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall. Don’t forget to include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

Don’t forget about Frosty Fenders, the clock’s ticking and it won’t be that long before the closing date for entries arrives.

See you all next week!

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