As has been the case a few times in recent weeks, instead of ending the week with View From The Cab, we’re starting with it instead.  That said, all the Views do come from Friday.

We start, simply because we received his views first, with Amishtrucker who was having a good day (somewhere in Texas) passing traffic such as this self-admitted  ‘Low Life’…

090717 vftc amishtrucker1

…But when he was overtaken himself, he started to question ‘Why him and not me?’ as he suffered from some boat-envy.

090717 vftc amishtrucker2

Less philosophically, but in some beautiful countyside near Landau Pfalz in Germany, we find Rainerri1967

090717 vftc rainerri1967

…Later on he had a ‘nice unload in Hinterzarten in the Black Forest’.

090717 vftc rainerri1967 2

Back over in America, Heydriver and Goldie sent in this View of ‘an old garage and good light’ from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

090717 vftc heydriver1

TheNose100 was at HFCS in McCartyVille, Ohio…

090717 vftc thenose100 1

…Where he said he was about to be going into one of these tanks.

090717 vftc thenose100 2

The Great Canadian Pumpkin sent us a shot of what we think is his truck although he says that ‘Last week was the week of loaner trucks as they just could not get mine fixed correctly.’…

090717 vftc can pum1

…Before he sent this view from I-75 just south of Detroit, Michiganwith dark clouds looming (darker than they appear in the photo)…

090717 vftc can pum2

…About 45 minutes later he was on US-24 in Ohio…

090717 vftc can pum3

…Where, believe it or not, the wipers were on high…

090717 vftc can pum4

…His final View was titled ‘The Culprit’ but, despite its condition, Tachoblog doesn’t think you can blame the rain on the tyre!

090717 vftc can pum5

Thanks again to those that have sent in their Views, if you want to join in then please send your View on a Thursday evening (for those far behind or ahead of GMT) or Friday morning to or, tweet @tachoblog with #vftc