Friday and Tachoblog’s back on track, especially with our regular View From The Cab.  No need – we hope – for explanations, so let’s get stuck in.

First of all we catch up with Darkstaff in Louisville, Kentucky  on I-64…


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…Sometimes, as he says, ‘we have to wait for that “other” form of transportation’.


Next we’re delighted to have the return of Emailokc who sent this View from the Pennsylvania turnpike westbound.


Staying in Pennsylvania we move on to TheNose100 who has ’8,000 lbs of this sucrose stuff’ a ‘view prior to a cab’…

thenose100 13

…Here he is at a dairy in Pennsylvania, just cross the Ohio line. Can you guess the name of the customer?

thenose100 23

…This is from Highway 05 eastbound and on the way to Sharpsville…

thenose100 3

…And this Pumpkin patch can be seen off Highway 305 in Henderson, Ohio as he heads back to Cleveland.

thenose100 41

In Texas, Amishtrucker meets ‘a SB Weevil Wagon’ on Texas 36 somewhere near Jones Creek…


…Here he is ‘Passing a Tanker Yanker going NB on 59 near Sugar Land, Texas. But note, why does this guy need chains and boomers. Apparently he normally pulls Skateboards and is pulling a tank today.   (The chains and boomers are hanging behind the cab)’.


Over in New Zealand Vic H tells us that he ‘was down in Blenheim in the South Island early this week driving past some newly planted grape vines still with their protective plastic covers on…

vic h11

…’Then on the way home through the central North Island there had been quite a heavy snow fall in spite of it being the middle of Spring – is this what they call Global Warming?’…

vic h21

…’I stopped at Waiouru for diesel where the snow was beginning to melt’…

vic h3

…’but State Highway 1 (the Desert Road) was still closed by snow drifts so I had to go home via the alternative route through National Park; still a bit of snow around but the snow ploughs and traffic had got the road clear by the time I got there’.

vic h4

Back in America, TruckerDesiree was watching the Sun Rise in Kansas

truckerdesiree 1

SurfingTrucker sent this View OF the Cab as he’s on vacation this week.  He says ‘I love the new DD15 engine in this new truck!’ – More on his new truck next week.

surfingtrucker 11

Finally for this week, Heydriver and Goldie spot ‘just a little warning’ on I-66 E in Northern Virginia.


Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views, see you all next week.