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Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 15.10.10

Here we are then, another View From The Cab.  Before we go any further, Tachoblog wants to thank the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views – some, as you’ll see,  can’t even be on holiday without thinking of us!  More seriously, we’re really grateful to all for taking the time to take and send in their Views.

So let’s get started with some Views from Heydriver and Goldie.

Their first View is of ‘sunburst through the Pulaski Skyway near Jersey City, New Jersey’.   Heydriver tells us that this is ‘a rare timing event’…

Heydriver12 427x254

Now click below for more from Heydriver &  Goldie and the rest of the Tachoblog Tribe…

…In their next View, they are ‘starting the day with party lights on I-81 N, Tully, New York. Just one of those days for someone else’…

Heydriver22 427x148

moz screenshot

…Then it’s ‘daybreak and fog bank. On a run from Buffalo, New York to Olean, New York via US Route 219 S’…

Heydriver31 427x254

…Finally from them we have this which Heydriver describes as ‘just a nice view. Heading east along I-78 near Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. [One day Tachoblog WILL learn how to spell Pennsylvania and not have to look it up every time - in case you're interested (why wouldn't you be?) the other State we struggle with is Massachusetts].

Heydriver41 427x254

Now we join the country-crossing Darkstaff who’s first View is of the Rocky Mountains as he’s ‘ rolling up I-25 in Colorado. There’s snow already on the tops’…

Darkstaff19 427x318

…Now this one is of ‘rush hour in eastern Colorado’…

Darkstaff28 427x318

…And finally he’s ‘looking at downtown Fort Worth, Texas from US 287′.

Darkstaff35 427x318

TheNose100 was ‘on the way to Lancaster, New York on Hwy 5 east of Ripley, NY – I’m thinking that maybe I’ll snap one on the way for @TachoBlog [and he kindly did!]… A crisp autumn morning, not too cold yet, just right. I could use about 4 months of this’…

TH100 11 427x320

… This is the ‘view from the cab while making my delivery… As you can see, I am not the train, but I’ve taken his place… Whoo hoo For Trucks!’…

TH100 21 427x320

…’The view OF the cab…

TH100 31 427x320

…’And now for a bit of silliness. IF Tachoblog allows [be warned, we did!]. There’s a town nearby, Cheektowaga, NY… but I like to call it ChickenToga. So when I see the signs for it the voices in my head start to say…

“I don’t wanna to go ta’ Chicken Toga
to visit Chris Baloga
I don’t wanna got ta Chicken Toga
Or do the Yoga…”
I’d rather eat Bologna in Saratoga…

Me and my voices will chat at you later!’

Meanwhile, SurfingTrucker had ‘just crossed the Pascataqua River Bridge into Maine’…

SurfingTrucker16 427x320

…Here he is ‘on 295 on the north side of Portland, Maine’…

SurfingTrucker24 427x320

…And finally from him, this is ‘Bath Iron Works, in Bath, Maine’.  [Is it just Tachoblog, or didn't SurfingTrucker used to have a white truck?  The public need to know!].

SurfingTrucker32 427x320

We now move away from America and catch up with Vic H.  Vic’s been on holiday in Australia but, ever thoughful, he’s sent us these Views From The Rental Car [now there's an idea for a blog...]  Vic told us that these were ‘all taken near Kyneton, Victoria, where we were staying.  Firstly, this old dragline abandoned beside the road [What was this used for asks Tachoblog]‘…

VicH1 427x320

…’and then this Oakland truck and trailer’…

VicH2 427x320

…’and this old McCormick Deering tractor’…

VicH3 427x320

…’and for something a bit more modern, this typical Aussie road train’.

VicH4 424x320

Well, that’s your lot for this week.  If you’re a truck driver reading this and want to join in then you’re more than welcome.  ll you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog – please do include a line or wo of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

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  2. love the photo’s guy’s.
    Can anyone send that photo of the dragline to :-
    cpm.info@kelsey.co.uk as it is a Classic Plant and Machinery magazine.
    Their website is :-


    by Trevor on Oct 16, 2010 at 00:20

  3. We obviously have the image Vic H sent in, but will check with him that he doesn’t mind us forwarding it on first.

    by Tachoblog on Oct 18, 2010 at 10:01

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