Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but no bad luck here as we look at this week’s bumper crop of Views from the Tachoblog Tribe.

We start withTruckerDesiree who was watching a Swift Driver park next to her ‘house’ in Missouri.


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Heydriver and Goldie were ‘in a Nor’Easter’ and could see the Baltimore Md power plant next to I-95…


…Earlier in the week when they were in New York City, they sent this View of The Kosciusko Bridge and The Manhatten Skyline. Along Newtown Cr…

heydriver 23

…And this one of  ‘gray trees await their winter whites. I-81N, New York’.

heydriver 3

Over in Germany, Rainerri1967 was in Horn in the Blackforest…

rainerri 1967

…He says ‘it’s a nice place but not for trucks!’

rainerri 1967 2

Next we return to America to join Amishtrucker who says he’s sent something ‘a little different this week. Not pictures of roads and vehicles, but views from the cab! (That’s what it is supposed to be, right!’  His first View shows the DeWitt County ranching property off of Highway. 111 near Yoakum, Texas and he adds ‘that water you see is called a tank here in Texas’…

amishtrucker 13

…His second View is from same area and he tells us that ‘this time of the year you see many hay fields here in the ranching country of South Texas with large bales of hay laying there waiting for the rancher to gather them up.’

amishtrucker 23

Now we head to New Zealand to catch up with Vic H who has been doing a different job again this week, carrying methanol between Taranaki on the west coast to Mt Maunganui on the east coast of the North Island, so he was driving east/west instead of the more normal north/south.  Vic H says that ‘All the photos were taken on State Highway 3 on the way to Waitara, in Taranaki, the first is looking down from the top of Mahoenui Hill’…

vic h 13

…Vic’s second View is of the ‘new’ bridge over the Mokau River.  According to Vic, ‘this bridge was a replacement for a very rickety one-lane wooden bridge which was well past its use-by date’…

vic h 24

…Vic’s final View  was taken past Mokau on the way to Mohakatino.

vic h 34

Back in America, Emailokc was at 190 NE New York.


TheNose100 starts his Views for this week in Ripley, NewYork at this ghost truckstop.   He notes that it’s ‘nice that its not blocked off if someone does need a spot to park’…

thenose100 16

…Then he’s sent this View of his delivery at Great Western Juice yesterday morning near Cleveland, Ohio.   Apparently he’s ‘still enjoying nice autumn weather’…

thenose100 26

…Next we find him ‘on the way back to our yard in Cleveland’…

thenose100 32

…And finally it’s break time and he’s waiting for a trailer to get loaded for his second run of the day.

thenose100 42

WiggleWaggons was crossing the bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

wigglewaggons 1

TheMadTrucker says that it’s ‘time for the shades’ but we don’t know where!


Darkstaff sent us a few Views for his week.  The first is ‘the land between 2 giants – I-20 between Dallas and Fort Worth,Texas’…

darkstaff 11

…Then it’s a foggy morning in Texas…

darkstaff 31

…Here he is waiting for a load.  He’s in El Paso,Texas at his company’s drop yard…

darkstaff 21

…He gets about as this View is from Memphis, Tennessee and ‘it’s time to wake up!’…

darkstaff 41

…Finally from Darkstaff for this week he’s sent this one of the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

darkstaff 51

And that’s your lot for this week.  Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  Don’t forget that you’re welcome to join in too.  Just email your Views to or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog