It’s nearly the weekend so it must be time for this week’s View From The Cab.

Join us as we travel from Massachusetts to Massachusetts via Germany, New Zealand, Texas and other parts of the USA too.

First off we have SurfingTrucker who sent this View of his ‘normal morning delivery spot – Polar Beverage in Worcester, Massachusetts, home of the big Polar Bear!’


DriverGeoff was at the Petro stopping center in Atlanta, Georgia.


Click below for the rest of this ‘s Views…

Heydriver and Goldie saw the ‘sunrise and a left hand turn…With overpass’ in Binghamton,  New York…

Heydriver 12

…They then wished us a ‘Good morning. Or afternoon if you like’ from the  I-95/I-64 Junction in Richmond, Virginia…

Heydriver 22

And also sent this View of ‘Stratification on I-81 S.  near Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.’

Heydriver 31

From New Zealand, Vic H tells us that ‘the wine vintage is really starting here now, so to make room for the new season’s grape juice the wineries are busy sending the 2009 wine to the bottling plants. I was in Hawke’s Bay this week, the home of NZ’s finest Bordeaux-style red wines, and came up behind this 1904 McLaren traction engine which belongs to Chris Pask of C J Pask wines’…

Vic H 13

…’On the way to one of the bottling plant at one of the wineries in Auckland I drove along the shore of the Manukau Harbour just before sunset’…

Vic H 23

…’Where, after unloading, I drove out through the vineyard where the grapes have ripened enough to attract the birds, hence the bird nets over the vines.’

Vic H 32

TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog were in Texas having a trailer inspection so she sent us this View.


We stay in Texas with Amishtrucker who’s showing us ‘spring flowers blooming along US 83 north of Laredo. This picture does not do the view justice. It is just beautiful’…

Amishtrucker 1

…And also US 77 NB north of Schulenburg, Texas looking towards Swiss Alp. Grass is very green here and flowers on the way’…

Amishtrucker 2

…He also sent this View of the ‘US 288 bridge over rail line looking at the Stephen F. Austin Statue in the background.’

Amishtrucker 3

Unlike his name, TexasTrucker was actually near Joliet in Illinois.


We nip back into Texas to join Darkstaff who was ‘heading west on I-20 in Texas. One word. Monotonous’…


..Then we join him ‘Sitting at a rest area in Arizona about 85 miles east of California border’…


…He says ‘The western Arizona desert is very green today.’


Much nearer to home (for Tachoblog anyway) LorryDay was ‘mixing with the enemy at the traffic cone factory in Manchester’…


…Where he was ‘exporting misery to Finland.’


TheNose100 sent a few shots from along near Barcelona, New York.  The ‘first one is of the lighthouse from today’…

TheNose100 14

…’The second one is from earlier this week…

TheNose100 24

…’And the last one is just a simple one of going down the road.’

TheNose100 32

Finally for this week we head to Germany to catch up with Rainerri1967 who is on the A7 near Heidenheim.


Finally we get back to America and full circle for us as we return to Massachusetts with LittleTrucker who was on the Mohawk Trail.


Thanks to all the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  If you’d like to join in with View From The Cab, simply email your Views to or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog

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