Friday afternoon again so, once again, it must be time for View From The Cab again.  This week we’ll start in America before a quick touch down in Europe as we head to Australia before ending up in the UK.

So fasten those seatbelts and let’s get started by joining Amishtrucker who’s watching a ‘slow moving train blocking the entrance to the Pilot Truck Stop in Laredo, Texas. This is a real problem at this truck stop as sometimes, as this train was doing, the trains are still hooking up further back, and they set here and go forward a bit, then back a bit. If the trucks can turn around coming out of the Pilot and go the other way, they can go around to the next exit and get on the interstate but otherwise it is sit and wait’….

Now click below for more from Amishtrucker and the rest of this week’s Views…

…In his second View, he tells us that he ‘passed this truck on interstate 35. I thought the logo was rather cool, the way they used the USA and Mexico map profile and, what is it, an owl?’…

Amishtrucker 210

…And for his final View he’s sent this picture of Missouri City in Texas.


Now it’s time to see what TheNose100 is up to.  His first View is whilst he’s near Perry Township, Ohio, ‘having a cup ‘o joe while unloading. Nice day, but cloudy’…

TN1001 427x320

…Now he’s in Zanesville, Ohio and can ‘smell yeast’ and is ‘spying back at their camera. Doing my part fot the $1 meal’  Tachoblog doesn’t know what the $1 meal reference is about, perhaps someone can enlighten us…

TN100 210 427x320

…Finally he thinks he’s  ‘spotted one of the rattles on my Frightliner truck! Duct tape, or Wires anyone?’

TN100 34 427x320

To Germany now where Rainerri1967 is waiting for his turn in the truck wash.  After that he has to load in France near Muelhouse.


Meanwhile in Australia, Twocrowsdown has been to the Boddington Gold Mine which, unsurprisingly, is in Boddington, Western Australia…

TCD 11

…He’s also sent this View of an ’8m wide load at Pitharra, Western Australia.’

TCD 21

Lastly for this week we land in the UK – Scotland to be precise, but stick with big loads as we join Rizzo101 who was northbound on the M6 near Perth.  He saw ‘Cadzow moving 2 big dump trucks’ but luckily they were heading south.

Rizzo1013 427x320

And that’s it from Tachoblog for this week.  Hope you liked the Views!

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