Continuing from ‘Classic 50’s American Trucks Part One From Tachoblog‘, we present Part Two.  This was originally going to be the final part, but has so many advertisements from the 1950′s that Tachoblog will certainly get to Part Three and possibly more too!

First off this 1952 advertisement for Dodge Trucks urges you to ‘Switch to Dodge Job-Rated Trucks.’

090423 classic 1952 dodge

Featuring an endorsement by Crown Cartage & Warehouse of Vancouver, B.C. there’s this one for 1952 GMC Semi Trucks.

090423 classic 1952 gmc

According to this 1953 advertisement for the REO Motor Company of Canada (once again we’re stretching American Trucks to include Canada!), ‘You learn to expect something extra’.

090423 classic 1953 reo

Staying in Canada, Tachoblog has 1954  one announcing the arrival of ‘Canada’s most popular truck!’ for Chevrolet Trucks.

090423 classic 1954 chevrolet

And finally, a 1954 GMC Trucks asvertisement alerting us to the fact that they ‘Now with over 70 new features in over 50 new models’.

090423 classic 1954 gmc

More soon…