Thanks to CR England Girl, Tachoblog has been alerted to the fact that the The American Trucking Association is currently pushing to increase the number of longer-combination vehicles (LCVs) allowed on US highways as part of its initiative to green the industry.

090429 usa lcv

However, there are those, including some truck drivers, that are convinced that LCVs could cause more harm than good.

The arguements seem to parallel those in Europe regarding the same type of vehicles, only over here / there they are called Longer Heavier Vehicles or LHVs.  Whilst some countries such as Holland permit LHVs (LZVs as they call them!) such as the one below, the United Kingdom doesn’t and for pretty much the same reasons as their detractors in the USA.

090429 usa lcv2

In America only 23 states in the country allow LCVs on their roads, typically those with less densely-populated areas (California has banned them altogether). Many claim triple and even double trailers are dangerous and comprise safety, especially in areas where there are more drivers on the road.

But the ATA argues that LCVs have a decent safety record – better than five-axle semis. In fact, they are the most regulated vehicles on the road; drivers of such vehicles must have special permits to operate them, they are only allowed on certain roads, and they must get off the road during inclement weather.

Furthermore, truck driving companies don’t take any risks when it comes to operating LCVs – they use only their best and most experienced drivers.

The ATA claims that having more LCVs on the road will increase fuel efficiency, shrink truck congestion, and reduce pollution since it will result in fewer trucks on the road.