Owners Gallery

Here are some of the Tachoblog Tribe’s vehicles.

We should state at the outset that we’re using the term ‘Owner’ loosely…if you regularly drive the same truck then that’s good enough for this gallery – after all, it’s the pictures of the trucks themselves that are of interest!

If you’re a member of the Tachoblog Tribe and want ‘your’ truck in the Owners Gallery then please send in a picture and some details on you and your truck to ownersgallery@tachoblog.com  If the truck is owned by the company you work for then make sure you send us their name too so we can credit them as well.

This is Goldie, a 1998 379 Peterbilt with Extended Hood.  Under that hood (bonnet for all you UK readers) is a 435 Caterpillar in-line 6cyl engine with a 10-speed Spicer Transmission.  When thirsty, Goldie’s tanks will hold 135 gallons (US) of No. 2 fuel oil.  Goldie is driven and loved by Heydriver.

heydriver goldie

Next up is SurfingTrucker‘s  old truck ‘Great Pumpkin’, a 2007 Freightliner Century S/T. It has a 370 horsepower Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine, Eaton 10-speed transmission, and 2.64:1 Rockwell rear end.

surfingtrucker great pumpkin

His new steed is a 2010 Freightliner Century S/T which is, once again owned by by Schneider National.


And here it is from the rear.  If you want to know why Schneider have gone white, you need to read Tachoblog’s post ‘SurfingTrucker’s New Freightline is All White – Alright, Get It…‘.


This is Vic Hungerford’s 2003 International 9400i with Vic standing next to it…


…Owned by Fluidex Transport Ltd and named Grandad’s Mobility Scooter by one of Vic’s grandsons, it has a 460hp Cummins ISX engine and a Fuller Roadranger 18-speed manual gearbox.   The International normally pulls a 5-axle B-train with a gross weight of 44 tonnes and to date has done 700,000km.  Vic’s also sent in this picture of it and the setting sun.


This R420 Scania with an Palfinger crane is owned by VÖCKT Transporte GmbH & Co. KG but, more importantly (in a Tachoblog context) its driven by Rainerri1967.


This 1999 Freightliner Century Class,  Class 8 truck is driven by TheNose100.   It is used to haul High Fructose Corn Syrup or other forms of corn syrup sweetener.  She runs around the Ohio State (USA) area most of the time. Usually out and back the same day.  Here she is getting ready to head out on a fine July morning.  TheNose100 says that ‘you can’t see the Cleveland backdrop / skyline due to the smoky smogy air.’

thenose100 1

And this picture shows her getting washed prior to getting loaded.   TheNose100 tells us that the wash is a modified alley which now has a wash ball, for washing the truck, and then next spot the trucks get loaded while on a scale.

thenose100 2

The first Kenworth in the Owners Gallery is a 2006 T-600 owned by CFI Con-way Truckload and driven by Darkstaff.  She sports a Caterpillar C-15 450 hp engine backed by an Eaton-Fuller 13 speed transmission. Currently she has over 540,000 miles on her (142,000 of which Darkstaff has driven).  For those of us used to UK trucks, you might be surprised to hear that Darkstaff says he’d ‘love a little more room, as the T-600 is a little cramped for space’.  Then again unlike UK drivers, Darkstaff will spend around two months out on the road in his truck on each trip he makes.  However, he tells Tachoblog that he’s ‘proud to drive this rig, as she rarely gives me trouble and handles quite well!’



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