Looking strangely elephant-like, this is a Mercedes-Benz Unimog (Tachoblog’s favourite off-roader) U500 with a high technology Mulag washing unit cleaning hundreds of years’ grime from the walls of London’s Rotherhithe and Blackwall tunnels.

london tunnel 010483

Cleaning is achieved without damaging the walls or ‘street furniture’ by using clean, chemical-free water from the 3,000 litre water tank on the Unimog, and without recourse to detergents, simply by the powerful and safe action of the brush.

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The purpose-designed application has been specified, purchased and is operated by EnterpriseMouchel, contractors for Transport for London for maintaining the London Transport Road Network for South London.

And, as today’s interesting fact, it’s more than 110 years since London’s Blackwall Tunnel became the world’s longest underwater tunnel.