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Racing stories seem to be like buses; Tachoblog doesn’t have one for ages then gets one straight after the other.

Now if VW Caddy didn’t light your fire – and why not asks Tachoblog – then this might be more up your street. Graham Brunton Racing who operate the Ferrari 360 driving course at Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife have just bought something a little more practical in the shape of a Vauxhall Vivaro.

Criag Brunton told Tachoblog, “Recently we added a new dimension to our business and took delivery of a full size F1 Simulator. The F1 Simulator can be hired out and about to various events, product launches and exhibitions.

“This created a transport dilemma. We set about sourcing a new tow vehicle and trailer. The trailer choice was easy a Brian James Race Shuttle trailer this would be able to tow the F1 Simulator and clients race cars.

“The tow vehicle was going to prove a bit more challenging faced with long lead times and low spec on used vans available!”

However, Peter Vardy Kirkcaldy – Brunton’s local Vauxhall Van Centre – were ableto come up with the goods, a Vivaro LWB Sportive Double Cab.

Tachoblog doesn’t know whether the Vivaro driver’s other car is a Ferrari 360 but does know that he’s already impressed with the performance of the new van and that it ticks all the boxes for Bruntons too.

Now I wonder if Tachoblog can get to Knockhill to see how the two compare…[phpbay]ferrari 360, 5[/phpbay]