It’s not often that Tachoblog finds something that makes our blood boil, but today we have.

From an item on Tachoblog has learnt about the fate of Andre Walls a driver of good standing who bent a rule to come to the aid of his brother-in-law who was desperately trying to get home to see his dying child.  The words below are by Allen Smith of AskTheTrucker

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Truck driver, Andre Walls had been trucking over the road for two and a half years.  He had never had an accident and had never received a ticket.  Two and a half years of perfect driving and being an excellent employee.   Then, he was terminated by his company for violating a company policy :  having an ‘unauthorized passenger’ in the truck with him.  The company reported it to his DAC Report and just like that . . . Mr. Walls found himself out of the job he loved and now, cannot find another employer to hire him.

Yes, he made a mistake by allowing an unathorized passenger to ride in the truck with him . . . but here’s the rest of the story:

Andre had been running hard all week with very little rest in order to make extra money for himself and his family.  He was taking every run he could so they could get ‘back on track’ with their finances.  He was dispatched on a load to Northern Arkansas and even though he had little rest, he headed off under dispatch.  During the run, he received a phone call from his brother-in-law who was on his way home, but his car broke down.  The brother-in-law’s child, Andre’s nephew or neice, was dying.  He asked Mr. Walls if he could give him a ride home.  Andre did.

Andre completed the load to Arkansas, but was then called in to the company and was advised that he was terminated due to violating company policy.  He was asked to write a statement explaining his side of the story, which he did.  He was still terminated and with an “unauthorized passenger” on his DAC report, he has not been able to find another trucking company that will hire him.

Before the next morning, the baby died.

What would you have done?

This driver is now at the point of losing everything.   I mention often that there are good and decent trucking companies.  I know there are, because I’ve worked for several of them.    Is there one trucking company out there that will prove me right?    Will you give Andre Walls a job?   Will you look past the fact that he had an unauthorized passenger in the truck?   Will you understand that a baby was dying?

Help prove me right.   If you’ll hire this driver, email me at : and I’ll forward your email to Andre.  I won’t post about it . . . I won’t talk about it . . . it will just be between you and this driver.

What would you have done?   What if it had been your child?

Will you hire Andre?  If you will then please email