This week has been a good one for Rob Halloway from Mercedes-Benz.  Three days ago (2 April 2012) he was appointed Communications Director for Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd.

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He takes over responsibility for all product, brand and corporate communications for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, smart, Internal Communications, the company’s Corporate Events and Public Affairs remits.

Most interestingly for Tachoblog he also – of course – is responsible Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles.

Now click below to find out more and about the ‘real’ Rob Halloway…

Rob joined Mercedes-Benz in 2001 as Senior Press Officer, became PR Manager for Passenger Cars in 2003, and in 2009 took responsibility for Commercial Vehicles PR in addition to cars.

Earlier in his career he worked at Renault Trucks in sales and marketing positions, and in PR roles for The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and Volkswagen UK.

Commenting on the appointment, Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and CEO Mercedes-Benz UK, told Tachoblog,  “I am delighted to announce the promotion of Rob Halloway to the position of Communications Director.

“Rob has worked for Mercedes-Benz UK for over 10 years, and has worked tirelessly in promoting our business and products in the media.

“Rob is considered an expert in his field by colleagues and journalists alike and his promotion comes in what will be an exciting new growth phase across all divisions over the coming years.”

Speaking to Tachoblog Rob Halloway added, “It’s an incredibly exciting time to lead the communications and events team at Mercedes-Benz UK.

“We’ve got great people, fantastic products and excellent services on sale and around the corner, and I’m absolutely determined to ensure that Mercedes-Benz becomes even more relevant to even more people in the years ahead.

“Over the past decade I’ve seen a lot of changes in the company, and believe that, taking into account the incredible heritage of Mercedes-Benz, the best is yet to come.”

But Tachoblog wanted to know more about Rob.

Not just the normal stuff you learn in a brief interview.  We wanted to know abut Rob Halloway the person.

So we asked him some daft questions.  Thankfully he was good enough to answer them:

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Who or what makes you laugh?
Larry David, Harry Hill, Daniel Kitson, and I often chuckle throughout Total Wipeout.  And my wife’s very funny, too.

What music have you got in your car at the moment?
I’m revisiting my Faithless back catalogue at the moment (Sunday 8pm, their second album, is a masterpiece I reckon).  My iPhone usually plays podcasts from Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio, the BBC Radio 5LiveF1 race report, The Word [music] magazine – and I listen to Radio 4 in the mornings, so I’m up to speed on the day’s main news.

What are your 3 favourite films?
Highlander (a retro 80s guilty pleasure), plus the usual blokey gangster epics – of which Goodfellas is probably my current fave; and I’ve got a secret soft spot for the Wolverine Origins movie, but don’t tell anyone.

What’s your favourite program on television?
Historically it was The Sopranos, then I discovered The Wire box set, but in terms of the impact it had on my life, it’s got to be either Rolf’s Cartoon Time or Top Gear.

What’s the last book that you read?
I’m currently reading No Angel – the Bernie Ecclestone biography by Tom Bower, but most recently finished The Social Animal by David Brooks.  Both are fascinating.

If you were stranded on the famous desert island, what would your luxury item be?
A fully-equipped Unimog with detailed instructions and a washed-up shipping container full of attachments.  I’d build an island paradise in next to no time!

What can’t you live without?
I’m pretty-well plugged in to modern communications, so good quality free wifi is always handy for my day job, especially for social media – I’m a regular user of twitter.  But I also enjoy the simple comfort of a well-toasted brace of Marmite crumpets.

If you were hosting a dinner party for 6 guests, who would they be?
I’m fortunate enough to have dined and chatted with all sorts of fascinating folk over the course of my life and career so far.  And aside from those dead famous faces that are normally listed in answers to questions like this, I’d probably have a night in with some friends who I haven’t seen in a while.

What’s your favourite food?
It’s always hard to beat my Mum’s Christmas dinner I reckon, but Mini Eggs are also a safe bet.

I’m ordering drinks at the bar, what would you like?
Coca-Cola please, I’m driving.

How do you relax?
I’m a shambolic jogger, although being tall (6’6”) I have the potential for a lovely graceful gait if I keep at it.  Otherwise, some banging tunes in the car, or going for a cultural visit to the theatre seems to calm me down.

Where would you go for your dream holiday?
I’ve just come back from two weeks in Florida and can thoroughly recommend that.

Do you have any pets?
No pets, but I am rather fond of the rose bushes I inexpertly hack about in the garden.

What question that I haven’t asked you do you wish I had asked, and what would your answer be?
Well, given that this is, it’d be something about what I think about truck driving.

I passed my C and C+E tests last year, and it was extremely hard work and very demanding.

Just passed 422x320

My first time driving a full-size tri-axle artic (an Actros Megaspace) through a bustling town centre was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.

I certainly have a lot more respect for truckers having driven a few hundred miles in their shoes.  And I think every car driver should try to spend some time in the cab to see how different the road looks from up there!