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With this bit of news, Tachoblog is really spoiling you. Ok, so it’s a bit of a cheesy start, but the news is anything but cheese and could save you lots and lots of money if you operate HGVs

Word has reached Tachoblog that two heavyweights from the transport industry IT world have teamed up to help you improve your performance and reduce costs.

‘So, what they done then Tachoblog?’ I hear you cry. Well, one key development will be an interface between Paragon’s routing and scheduling software and Road Tech’s Tachomaster software, enabling reliable tachograph information about recorded drivers’ hours to be imported directly into the Paragon software. A key benefit being – according to the blurb – improved driver shift allocation that will help level driver workloads and cut costs.

One of the beauties of this new partnership is that as Paragon and Tachomaster are the leading suppliers in their respective transport optimisation and tachograph software markets, many of the UK’s distribution fleet operators that are already using both systems are set to see an immediate benefit from the partnership and for free too! – How often does that happen?!

Using Tachomaster working time data, Paragon planning software will be able to smooth out driver workloads, ensure compliance to the Working Time Directive regulations and maximise overall driver productivity. In addition, for companies using Paragon’s Fleet Controller application, vehicle tracking histories will be accessible for free through the Tachomaster screens, enabling users to see vehicle trails where a violation or unexpected break occurred.

When questioned by Tachoblog, Derek Beevor, Managing Director of Road Tech Computer Systems told us, “This partnership between Paragon and Road Tech is an important milestone not just for both companies but also for the transport industry. Data from tachographs has traditionally only been used for compliance purposes but through Tachomaster’s digital data, it provides key information on actual utilisation of drivers and vehicles. By adding this to the Paragon planning process, it should prove invaluable to companies looking to optimise their operations.”

Meanwhile, William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems had this to say, “It is often hard for transport operators to match driver resources with changing transport plans and now more than ever operators need to cut wastage by streamlining their operations. Accurate tachograph data from Tachomaster will add a vital new dimension to Paragon’s routing and scheduling software, allowing unnecessary driver costs to be significantly reduced by automatically levelling driver workloads.”

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