Tachoblog Tribe member SurfingTrucker has sent Tachoblog an email with some pictures of his truck ‘The Great Pumpkin’. Here’s what he has to say

090416 surfingtrucker1

“I thought I’d send you a few pics of my truck, along with some specifications and a little information about me.

“My truck is a 2007 Freightliner Century S/T. It has a 370 horsepower Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine, Eaton 10-speed transmission, and 2.64:1 Rockwell rear end. Currently I have about 385,000 miles on it, and no real problems. Here are a few pictures of The Great Pumpkin:

090416 surfingtrucker2

“I used to drive over the road for Schneider National, but I am now on a local dedicated account (still with Schneider) – contracted to serve a single customer here in Massachusetts. I have been driving for 12 years, the past 11 years have been with Schneider National.

“I am a trainer for Schneider, but we currently are not training inexperienced drivers, since the current economy has created a glut of experienced drivers in the job market.

090416 surfingtrucker3

“Before signing on with Schneider, I drove for a year for Clark & Reid, an executive relocation company (better known as furniture movers!). I grew up wanting to drive trucks, and had the pleasure of “living the lifestyle” during the late 70′s with my father, who was an owner-operator.

“My father owned a 1971 Kenworth K-100, although I don’t know the specifications. We lived in California at this time, and when we would drive through Arizona, New Mexico & Texas, he would let me drive the long, straight stretches of highway. That was a big thrill for me, since I was only 13 -14 years old at the time.

“This is the only picture I have of his truck, which my son colored with pencils when he was 6. He did get the colors correct, though!

090416 surfingtrucker4

“I very much enjoy what I do, especially now that I am on a dedicated account, since I get the best of both worlds: driving a truck, as well as being able to have time at home to be a father and husband.

“I’m not ruling out the possibility of going back out over the road with my wife once my kids are grown – but that is something to be decided on further down the road. ”

- Thanks for the text and pictures SurfingTrucker, make sure you stay in touch.