Now there’s yo-yo dieting for you!  Only minutes ago in our last post, Tachoblog was telling you about weight loss, now some good news about weight gain!

Following the success of the first three 7.5 tonne Isuzu trucks into its 21-strong pallet-distribution fleet, Systematic UK has now moved up the weight range with Isuzu, with the addition of two brand new 11 tonne Isuzu ‘Forward’ F110.210 rigids.


Working on local collection and delivery operations as part of the company’s Palletways business, the new Isuzu 11 tonners have blended effortlessly into the Colchester-based company’s expanding vehicle fleet.

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Speaking to Tachoblog, Andrew Triolo, Managing Director at Systematic Logistics International Ltd said, “Having previously experienced the reliability and proven performance of the Isuzu range at 7.5 tonnes, we’ve been extremely pleased with how easily the 11 tonne Isuzus have integrated into our fleet.”

“Fuel consumption is in-line with our expectations from brand new vehicles and our drivers are particularly pleased with the plentiful cab features and overall performance of the new higher weight Isuzus, out on the road,” added Andrew Triolo.

With an anticipated working life of 4 years covering in excess of 50,000 miles per annum, the Isuzu F110.210 4×2 rigids feature Isuzu’s popular ‘Easyshift’ transmission system, which Systematic find to be ideally suited to their localised Palletways collection and delivery work.

Supplied by local Isuzu dealer Norfolk Trucks in Ipswich, both Isuzus feature a standard curtainsided body and have been specified with rear underslung taillifts.

“Systematic are following a path now being taken by so many of our existing customers. Having experienced the practical advantages of Isuzu trucks at 7.5 tonnes, we’re finding that they’re keen to move up the weight range with us and take advantage of the proven performance characteristics of our higher powered, higher weight models,” Keith Child, Marketing Director at Isuzu Truck (UK) Limited told Tachoblog.