Thanks to the rather good Yanko Design website and, in particular designer Adam Palethorpe, Tachoblog can bring you this beautiful, futuristic Scania that not only looks good (and is ‘green’) but also alerts everyone when the driver has broken their Drivers’ Hours regulations.

scania truck3

scania truck3

According to Adam, ‘the noisy, polluting, gas guzzling giants are being tamed to look more demure and sophisticated, and how! The Scania Concept that we see here is a pure reflection of this new theory and is a bid to change the perception that trucks are the big bullies of the highway’.

Click below for more and to see how the truck displays driving infringements…

scania truck

The truck ‘ is designed to be eco-friendly and economical by using a diesel-electric hybrid engine. The innovative part comes on the wheel-hub design that sports indicative color-coded LEDs that point out speeding and other rules broken.

scania truck5

scania truck6

Tachoblog loves this design and, as we’ve found a few more that we like too, we’ll be bringing you some others in the coming days.

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