Ted Connolly’s back on Tachoblog – it’s been too long – with news of July’s issue of Classic And Vintage Commercials.

AECM0007 427x283

Over to you Ted:

“Do you ever walk over to your television and announce to the family that you are going to tune into the British Broadcasting Corporation?

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“Or pop out for a spin in the Morris Garages B?

“Or call the Automobile Association because your car has broken down?

“Or decide to buy a polyvinyl chloride jacket? Of course you don’t – you would, instead, say BBC, MG, AA and PVC.

“Some initials need no explanation. It’s the same with the Associated Equipment Company.

“Nobody in the trucking world would use that name for the company – AEC will do just fine. One of the most respected marques in the history of British truck-making.

“Unless you have been on Mars or completely ignore the happenings on Mother Earth, you will know that this year is the centenary of the company and plenty has been going on to celebrate that fact.

“Classic and Vintage Commercials has made its own contribution with an AEC special edition for July, featuring a tales, memories, reminiscences – the whole bit.

“Check it out, it is rather good.

“But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

“At a good newsagents near you round about now.

“Classic and Vintage Commercials? What am I talking about? That’s CVC, of course.”