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Launched in 1969, the Scania V8 is forty this year.

090625 scania lbs140

Not wanting to shy away from this fact, Scania has launched a dedicated section of its website devoted to the mighty engine.

Tachoblog’s admittedly brief excursion round this site unearthed, unsurprisingly, some cracking pictures of Scania trucks that have the V8. However, the treats continued to come in the form of a 3D tour of the V8 and, in the downloads section, an expanding and rotating Scania V8 as a screensaver.

090625 scania v8

‘Best’ of all the downloads and, Tachoblog kids you not, downloadable ringtones of the engine! Yes, your mobile can ring with the sound of either the 1969 engine or the 2009!

Tachoblog wishes the Scania V8 a Happy Birthday and reminds you all that, as the saying goes, life begins at forty…

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