Thanks to Tachoblog has leant that this week Ford Transit Connects were transported from the factory in the Craiove, Romainia to Kelheim in Bavaria by barge.

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Two of BLG CarShipping’s vessels – which have a capacity of 220 vehicles each – performed the move with a route that was mostly along the Danube.


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Loaded in Budapest, the vehicles then travel the approximately 700 kilometer long route in about three days.  On arrival in Kelheim, the Connects are then delivered to the dealers by normal car transporters.  Ford say that in the next year they will transport some 6000 Transit Connects destined for Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavia in this way.


Transporting vehicles by barge is not a new idea for Ford who have been transporting cars from Cologne in this way since 1982.  In conjunction with International Company Ltd Rhine from Rotterdam and logistics service provider EH Harms in Brementhey developed a ship called ‘Terra’ with five sister ships following later.