Tachoblog’s off (only virtually sadly) to Armenia with the news that Volvo Trucks in Central Asia and the Caucasus has signed a contract for 100 trucks with Spayka LLC, one of the largest hauliers in the country.

Volvo 1 427x320

45 vehicles have already been delivered. The remaining 55 trucks will be delivered in the first quarter of 2011.

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The order covers Volvo FH tractors equipped with the 13-litre 480 hp engine and Globetrotter XL cab. The new Volvo FH trucks are also fitted with Volvo I-Shift, Volvo’s automatic gearchanging system, which enables the driver to focus solely on the road and traffic environment, thus improving road safety. Fuel efficiency and driver comfort were the main criteria in the customer’s decision to buy Volvo trucks.

“We are sure that the trucks ordered will make our customer’s business more profitable and will serve as a benchmark for the Armenian international transportation industry,”  Henrik Appelbom, head of Volvo Trucks in Central Asia and the Caucasus, told Tachoblog.

Spayka LLC was established in 2001. Most of its fleet is used for long-haul operations both internationally and within the country.

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