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SurfingTrucker’s New Freightline is All White – Alright, Get It…

Long time Tachoblog Tribe member SurfingTrucker sent Tachoblog an email a couple of days ago with some details on his brand new truck, a 2010 Freightliner Century S/T, owned by Schneider National.  And here it is…


He tells us that ‘It has the new clean-burning DD15 by Detroit Diesel, a 14.8 litre motor that has more power and better fuel economy than the Detroit Diesel Series 60s motors our trucks have had in the past. ‘


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According to SurfingTrucker, ‘The greatest thing about this motor is how quiet it is! Featuring a stiff engine block and what they call an “Amplified Common Rail System” which enables combustion rate shaping, it really creates a quieter motor. The torque range has been dropped, giving more torque in the lower range when you really need it, and peak torque in only 1.5 seconds! I love it! It’s taken a while to readjust when I shift, but it’s great. As with our other trucks, it has an Eaton 10-speed transmission, and 2.64:1 Rockwell rear end.’


But why white?  After all, Schneider National trucks used to always be orange.  Over to SurfingTrucker again, ‘You’ll notice my truck is no longer orange? It’s big move by our company – thinking about the resale value down the road. There are a LOT of our used, resold orange trucks rolling on our highways here in the states, and in an attempt to be better able to resell these new trucks in the future, my company is buying a mixture of colors – orange, white, black, and silver. This truck is also what my company calls a ‘regional truck”, with the flat-top, single sleeper configuration, and a 204-inch wheelbase, instead of the 220-inch wheelbase of our road trucks. It means a little less room in the cab behind the seat, but since I’m home nightly, it’s not too much of an inconvenience.’


And Tachoblog’s view…what a cracking truck!

Posted by on October 21, 2009.

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