As a lucky follow on from yesterday’s post Sisu Firetrucks On Tachoblog – Does Anyone Know More?, Tachoblog has found an excellent website for anyone that likes old trucks.

Just look at this super Scania LS110 Super from 1970 and you can see what I mean.

scania ls110 super 1970 1

Incidentally, this truck was the winner of the 2009 Silkeborg Veterans Rally.

Click below for more super seventies Scandinavians…

Or how about this  Volvo F88 from 1971?

volvo f88 1971 2

Still want more?  In that case, let Tachoblog oblige with a Volvo NB86 from 1972.

volvo nb86 1972 3

All of these pictures as well as lots, lots more (and they’re not all Volvo and Scania you know), come from the wonderful that Tachoblog cannot recommend highly enough.  We’ll try and bring you some more old timers in the coming weeks but in case you can’t wait and before you jump ship and head there yourself, feast your eyes on this Scania LBS140 Super from 1973.

scania lbs140 super 1973

And finally we go (almost) full circle and have another Scania LS110 Super, only this one’s from 1974.

scania ls110 super 1974