Regular Biglorryblog readers will have noted the recent blog on ‘the lost covers of SUPERTRUCK’ magazine including this onje. Well thanks to Road Rat, who has kindly scanned in the original story, I can tell you a bit more about the trucks that feature in it

“Hi Brian, well the BLB army have it spot on with the guess for the Kenworth loads. I’ve attached the full published story from 1983, when you may have had hair! When cruise control was a stick jammed on the accelerator under the armrest. No, wait, that could just have been me. When air con mean’t winding the window down! Regards, RR www.road-rat.co.uk.”

Well what you can see is a Kenworth 993 6×6 oilfield truck with a 700hp Cummins VTA-1710-CV12 28-litre big vee with a Clark gearbox behind it…Now click through here for more

It seems the story was all about a dry run for a nuclear reactor convoy in Spain..inside the big vessel on the back was water…..Thanks RR.