Allison Transmission are ensuring that the 2012 Super Bowl will go ahead whatever the weather as Indianapolis buys 16 new Indy Snow Force Allison-equipped International snow ploughs.

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On February 5, 2012, the City of Indianapolis will host the National Football League’s (NFL) Championship game, and the City doesn’t intend to let a winter snow storm interfere with the weeklong festivities or the Big Game.

If it does snow, football fans – lucky enough to have tickets – won’t be impeded as they travel to-and-from weeklong sports celebrations or activities, thanks to the new snow ploughs.

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The City of Indianapolis is not only the home of this year’s NFL Championship, it’s also the home of the world’s largest manufacturer of fully-automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy duty commercial vehicles, tactical U.S. military vehicles and hybrid-propulsion systems for city buses, Allison Transmission.

In February, football fans from around the world will descend upon Lucas Oil Stadium to witness the most widely viewed American football game of the year.

The City of Indianapolis which is located close to the nation’s “snow belt” is hedging its bets – as it relates to the possibility of snowfall – to ensure a winter storm doesn’t put a damper on game week or related activities. Sixteen new Allison-equipped International snow ploughs have replaced older models in the City’s fleet of snow removal equipment, and they are ready to roll if the need arises.

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“The City of Indianapolis has been a long time customer of Allison Transmission, and consistent with our normal Customer Support practices, we will work with the Department of Public Work’s Indy Snow Force to ensure our products exceed their expectations during Big Game week,” Lawrence E. Dewey, Chairman and CEO Allison Transmission, told Tachoblog.

“Having the opportunity to host the NFL Championship is quite an honor for the City of Indianapolis, and Allison stands ready to do our part in making this year’s event a success.”

The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works has enjoyed the reliability, durability and dependability of Allison-equipped vehicles for many years and currently has a fleet of 146 snow ploughs, dump trucks, refuse and other multi-purpose medium-duty trucks in inventory.

Indianapolis City officials have said the new International snow ploughs will serve the residents and businesses in Indianapolis for years to come.

As with the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, all of the 2012 Indianapolis NFL Championship – sanctioned city buses will also be equipped with Allison Transmission fully-automatic transmissions.

In a similar fashion, the City of Indianapolis public transportation system, IndyGo, is working closely with the Super Bowl organizers to maximize the use of the Allison-equipped fully-automatic IndyGo bus fleet.

Visitors to Indianapolis will also notice the special Allison Transmission labels identifying the new Allison Transmission hybrid buses which joined the IndyGo fleet less than a year ago.