This is a quick snapshot of one of the great trucking journeys of the world, crossing the Nullarbor Plain from Perth in Western Australia across to the Eastern States. This shot was quickly grabbed as the sun was rising, as the truck travels East along the ‘Ninety Mile Straight’, 146 km of dead straight two-lane highway between Balladonia and Madura which seems to go on forever.

etruck is taking a Scania R560 pulling a B-double on a five day run from Perth to Melbourne in Victoria, one of the longest test runs we’ve ever attempted. Test driving the new truck is just an excuse to do the trip, it is one of the great remote road trips with a 19 hour run from one side of Western Australia to the other and then a further 14 hours to South Australian capital Adelaide. This will be followed by a much more civilised day run across to Melbourne.

More pics and vids when etruck finds a secure internet connection.

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