Since we launched the Summer Trucking photo competition earlier this week, things have been moving at quite a pace – which Tachoblog certainly isn’t complaining about!

In fact so much seems to have happened that we thought we’d better bring you this update.

Summer Trucking1

But just in case you don’t know what Tachoblog’s on about, before we get into the update, a quick Summer Trucking Primer…

During last winter, LakewoodLoon came up with the idea of Frosty Fenders and asked Tachoblog to help with the project.

Drivers were invited to send in pictures of their snow covered trucks to the Frosty Fenders Group on Facebook.

The members of the group then ‘liked’ the pictures and the picture with the most likes then won the competition.

Now click below for more on Summer Trucking…

LakewoodLoon did the buld of the work on Frosty Fenders – although Tachoblog did feature it – so this time round Tachoblog’s determined to be more hands-on!

So what’s Summer Trucking then? Tachoblog can hear you ask.

Well, what you have to do is post up a picture of Summer Trucking – how you interpret ‘Summer Trucking’ is up to you – to the Summer Trucking Facebook Group.

Please make sure that you also post whether any truck you show is the one you drive or not.

This is important as for Summer Trucking you don’t have to be a driver to join in and there will be separate ‘My Truck’ and ‘Not My Truck’ winners as well as an overall winner.

We’ve already had the first entry to the competition and the number of memebers of the Summer Trucking Facebook Group is growing every day too.

Thanks to the generosity of several companies – and Tachoblog is delighted to say that this is a growing list – we have some great prizes for the winners too.allison transmission logo 427x248

Allison Transmission have given us jackets…

Michelin Logo 427x160Michelin North America and Michelin Europe have promised  hats, tyre pressure gauges and flasks…

Classic and Vintage Commercials logo 427x152

Thanks to  Classic and Vintage Commercials someone will win a year’s subscription to the magazine…

Roadcookin Book Cover3 210x320

There’s a copy of Roadcookin thanks to Roadcookin…

Tachomaster logo 427x86And Tachomaster are sending two ‘goody bags’.

If your company would like to be part of Summer Trucking and donate a prize or two then please do contact Tachoblog.

Summer Trucking also got its first mention on another blog this week too.  The Australian etruck lay down the gauntlet in a post called ‘Call This Summer?‘.

So, what are you waiting for?  There’s some great prizes to be won…

But only if you get involved by joining Summer Trucking!