We’re off to New Zealand now to travel over the Southern Alps with Guy H.

Guy H works for the same company (Fluidex Transport Ltd) as Vic H but has been on loan to Orica, a chemical company, for the past 8 months, driving one of Fluidex’s tractor units and towing one of Orica’s B-Train tankers.

Guy1 427x320

His principal run has been from Timaru, on the East coast of the South Island, across the Southern Alps via Arthur’s Pass to the West coast.

For this job he has been driving an International 9400i Eagle similar to the one Vic H normally drives; previously he drove a Mack Trident and at first was not happy about having to “downgrade” as he thought to an International.

Guy2 427x320

It didn’t take him long to realise what a good truck the Eagle is and he now doesn’t want to go back to the Trident.

Now click below for Guy’s pictures of his journey and the Southern Alps…

So come with us as we see the road through Guy’s windscreen and go across the Canterbury Plains and over the Southern Alps by way of Arthur’s Pass.

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Tachoblog’s thanks to Vic H and Guy H for sending these pictures in.

If you think you’ve seen a couple of them before, you’d be right.  We featured a few of Guy H’s photos in Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 1.7.11