Vic H and his 2003 International 9400i (that’s it below) have spent the last few days out on a trip carrying wine around Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand.

img 0012 2

As he’s in the Tachoblog Tribe and a regular contributor to View From The Cab, Vic sent over a few – well twenty! – images for Tachoblog to choose from for this week’s VFTC.  Now whilst there are eighteen shots that won’t be in VFTC, they’re too good not to show you, so here they are.

Click below for more and the images…

As Vic says (and you’ll see) ‘the road follows the railway line a fair bit and all the viaducts and overbridges carry the railway line too. Also note the speed limit signs are in km/h not MPH, so 25 equals about 15mph, they are sharp corners!’

Tachoblog says thanks for the pictures Vic…and to get a better look at any of Vic’s shots, just click on it.