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When you’re the manufacturers of the International Truck of the Year 2010, what else can you do.  Well, if you’re Scania you team up Svempas, the world-renowned Swedish truck customiser (creator of the Chopped 1,000hp Scania T-Cab and produce the R-Series Dark Diamond Limited Edition.

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And what a beautiful truck it is too.

If you want to see some more pictures and find out exactly what you get for your money – and you’ll need to be quick as there will only be 100 of these made – then you need to click below…

“Our V8 customers often customise their trucks out of sheer enthusiasm and joy,” Joel Granath, director of the long-haulage segment at Scania told Tachoblog. “Dark Diamond will appeal to these as well as other customers in search of a prestigious vehicle that builds image. What they get is an exceptional truck with long-lasting performance and durability.

“With the Dark Diamond we are starting a tradition of factory-supported limited edition vehicles,” concludes Mr Granath.

The Dark Diamond is based on the new Scania R-series and is available with Highline or Topline cabs, fitted with a powerful V8 engine, specified for either Euro 4 or Euro 5.

The paintwork – in metallic Carbon Blue – is complemented with detailing in chrome and high-gloss Piano Black finish, as well as unique graphic accents.

The interior is meticulously detailed with fine materials, additional creature comfort features and thoughtful touches. Numerous Scania V8 and Griffin symbols will please the enthusiasts.

Each of the vehicles in this limited series of 100 units is individually numbered and signed by Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl himself.

The full feature list is as follows:

Special metallic finish on cab, roof and side air deflectors (Carbon Blue).

  • High-gloss Piano Black around window frames
  • Front grille and front air deflectors in Brilliant Silver
  • Dark Diamond graphics

170541 medium 09828 018

  • Side and front mirrors, windshield panels and door hinge panels in high-gloss Piano Black

170545 medium 09828 027

  • Front roof light bracket, upper part of sun visor painted in high-gloss Piano Black
  • Xenon lights in sun visor. Xenon light cover painted in high-gloss Piano Black
  • LED lamp with safety brake light in upper rear part of side air deflectors
  • 170542 medium 09828 020
  • Rearview camera (part of multimedia kit)

170549 medium 09828 035

  • Catwalk in frame centre section in aluminium finish

170544 medium 09828 025

  • Chromed front badges
  • Silver emblem in front of door handles

170543 medium 09828 022

  • Exhaust end piece in stainless steel

170538 medium 09828 010

  • High-gloss Piano Black aluminium trim panels on rear of cab

170535 medium 09828 040

  • Polished boarding steps/trim panels on sideskirts and cab

170537 medium 09828 008

  • Chromium-finish front and rear wheel rims

170539 medium 09828 012

  • Special black-on-black V8 leather/Alcantara or leather/carbon fibre seats
  • Black-on-black leather door panels with armrests
  • Steering wheel, in high-gloss Piano Black

170552 medium 09828 039

  • Custom Dark Diamond rear wall panel, signed and numbered

170548 medium 09828 033

  • LED safety door light and reflective red trim

170551 medium 09828 038

  • Black leather centre floor carpet with Carbon Blue panel and V8 logo

170547 medium 09828 030

  • Driver and passenger carpets Black Bouclé with bkack boarders.

170550 medium 09828 037

  • Multimedia DVD kit with 22” LCD screen, powerful sound system and rear-view camera.

170546 medium 09828 029

Now where did Tachoblog put our wallet?