Over on the excellent Biglorryblog, Tachoblog found this news of the new Scania V8.

090522 scania 720hp

BLB reader Alun Evans,  has said, “It’s official I’ve seen the new Scania engine for launch in the autumn /winter of this year. It is no longer 15.6 litres it is now 16.4 litres and has 720hp. Well that’s the one I saw”

“It was marked up as a 620 but after talking to the driver at length about it he told me it was one of several test trucks Scania had on the road. I will not divulge the haulier’s name as they had been in a way sworn to secrecy but suffice to say it sounded nice with its standard pipes on.

“The driver said ‘It’s a 720, Scania’s new big vee bomber’ his words not mine–the cab looked the same as a normal Scania.”