The World final of the Scania Top Team competition will take place in in Södertälje, Sweden on 14 – 16 October after six months of worldwide competition.

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Scania Top Team truly is global with over 6,000 contestants in 46 countries all over the world.

Other than the fun of the competition and the pride of winning, the company has good reason to stage Scania Top Team each year.

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They told Tachoblog that is helps, “satisfy customer demands for high availability and premium services

“Scania’s service network relies on dedicated, professional, competent and service-minded personnel.

“The Scania Top Team competition was created to further enhance the skills in Scania’s workshops all over the world.

“Scania Top Team encourages the development of personnel as both individuals and members of a well-functioning team.

“In this way, Scania Top Team contributes to increased professionalism; competence and teamwork are keywords.

“Top Team begins with competitions at a local level to qualify the teams for the national final. Having won that, the national champions then battle it out in five regional finals for a ticket to the world final”.

To keep up with the competition, why not go to the Scania Top Team website.

And for more information you can watch this Scania Top Team 2011 video.