Tachoblog’s posted before about the Scania R480 Police Truck used by the UK’s Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG).

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If you’ve missed those – where have you been? – you can catch up by reading ‘Scania R480 Police Car‘.  But back to today’s post…

Scania dealer Keltruck recently supplied a the CMPG with another Scania Police Truck which was used on BBC Television’s Crimewatch programme in July.

Click below for more and to see the Truck itself…

Having just taken theirregular truck Scania ‘E6 EGR’ back to Scania at Milton Keynes after appearing at Scania’s Young European Truck Driver of the Year event at Gaydon, Warwickshire, CMPG had to hastily get another truck, arrange for the livery to be cut and prepared and the lights to be fitted, before it appeared on the show.

With only hours to spare and thanks to Keltruck and Reflexite/Bluelight Graphics who supplied the livery and Woodway Engineering Ltd the emergency light fit, the Central Motorway Police Group had their new truck.

Andrew Bentley, Keltruck Ltd General Manager – Marketing & Business Development told Tachoblog,  “If you can imagine the vehicle was a standard white Highline cab to start off with and we had to get this turned into a Police vehicle in such a short space in time, congratulations to all involved on such a splendid job, I trust the BBC were happy with how our vehicle turned out.”

Tachoblog thinks you’d probably like to see the truck now, so here it is starring on Crimewatch.

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