Yes another dreadful Tachoblog pun.  But the real news is that five self-discharging wood biomass silo tankers are being delivered by Ryder to Woodpellets2U.

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Woodpellets2U is a division of CPL Distribution  (who say they are the UK’s premier wholesalers of solid fuels).

The Ryder trucks are being delivered under a unique contract hire deal which will see the custom-built Feldbinder bodies enjoy a ‘double life’ and be retro-fitted to new chassis after six years.

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Two 32 tonne DAF CF85-410s, with a capacity of 38,000 litres and two 26 tonne Mercedes-Benz Axor 2533s with a capacity of 30,000 litres, will follow a 26 tonne DAF CF75-310 which served to ‘pilot test’ custom-built Feldbinder silo tankers. These specialist bodies are thought to be the first of their kind to operate in the UK.

“We are already delivering thousands of tonnes of wood biomass and solid fuels around the country and across Europe,” Tim Minett, CPL Distribution’s CEO, told Tachoblog, “but we wanted to streamline the operation in line with our quest to deliver the highest quality product.

“We had been approached by a variety of outsourced vehicle providers, ranging from truck manufacturers and finance houses, but none could offer a ‘complete package’.

“With such specialised and expensive vehicles we needed a competent supplier which was used to operating complicated vehicles and one which could put together a complete finance, maintenance and aftercare package.

“As the former chief executive of a truck rental and contract hire specialist myself, I knew that Ryder was the only company that had the required expertise and flexibility to put together such a deal.

“Specifications were drawn up for 26 and 32 tonne tankers with the chassis supplied on a six year contract hire agreement, whilst the specialised Feldbinder tanker bodies will have an extended 12 year ‘double life’ and be retrofitted to new chassis after an initial six year period.

“Such is the flexibility provided by Ryder that the company was even able to take over ownership of the initial truck we had ordered ourselves and contract hire that back to us.

The company started investigating the potential for wood pellets as a heating fuel in 2009 following the announcement of the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive policy, which was designed to encourage domestic and business users to switch from oil and gas to a renewable source of energy.

The wood pellet industry is already well established on the Continent and particularly popular in Austria, Germany and Scandinavia.

Continuing Tim Minett said, “Once we decided to enter the wood pellet market we knew we’d need specialist trucks to transport and discharge the pellets.

“We initially looked at vehicles used to discharge animal feed, but tests revealed that the pellets would be degraded and would not fit our criteria of producing a high quality product.

“We knew that 40% of energy in Austria is produced from wood biomass so we looked at how the experts handled it in that market and made contact with a local specialist manufacturer of truck bodies, Feldbinder, which had set up operation in the UK.

“We were very impressed by their technical expertise and so ordered one 26 tonne truck to our specification, but we clearly needed a larger fleet of trucks to meet expected demand for our new biomass fuels.

“Overall, Ryder has exceeded our expectations in terms of service delivery to the extent that I’ve been virtually able to forget about the delivery of these new trucks and focus my attentions on our core business.”