Over on the excellent Biglorryblog one of the Anorak Army (their version of the Tachoblog Tribe) wants to know whether any American truck drivers have ever had to use a runaway truck ramp.

runaway truck ramp

Paul Richards, is writing a story about Runaway Truck Ramps, or as we call them in the UK ‘Escape Bays’ – those gravel or sand-filled short exit slip roads that slow down and stop a runaway truck if it suffers from brake failure – as part of his article Paul is keen to talk to any US truck driver who has had to use a Runaway Truck Ramp and who is willing to talk about the experience! And you can contact Paul via his e-mail address at prichards@comcast.net

So, if you have had the misfortune to need one, Tachoblog says can you contact Paul.

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