Don’t blame Tachoblog for that dreadful play on words, it was all Isuzu’s own doing!

But it is a good news story so we thought we’d bring it to you all the same…

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This weekend an Isuzu Rodeo came to the rescue of a desperate damsel in distress trying to get to her own wedding in the snow-struck Surrey countryside.

When a couple planned their wintry wedding for the weekend before Christmas, little did they know it would only go ahead with the help of an Isuzu Rodeo.

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The newly wedded James and Gemma Gregory tied the knot on 18 December at Frensham Heights in the rural village of Rowledge, near Farnham, Surrey. Despite the area being struck by some of the worst snow in the South East, the wedding went ahead as planned thanks to the all-weather traction offered by the best man’s four-wheel drive Isuzu Rodeo.

“We pulled back the curtains on Saturday morning and were horrified to find that the weather forecast had been correct and the snow was coming down thick and fast,”  James, the groom from Farnborough, Hampshire told Tachoblog.

“Thankfully the best man had come equipped with an unstoppable Isuzu Rodeo that wasn’t going to let even the thickest layer of snow put a stop to our big day,” he added.

The double-cab Rodeo was put to good use throughout the weekend, not only transporting several wedding guests from their accommodation to the wedding venue, but also stepping in to chauffeur the bride herself along roads covered with snow and ice to her perfect winter wedding.

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