Tachoblog has, thanks to Don at Roadcookin, been publishing a number of healthy recipes for drivers.

roadcookin book cover

We’re now pleased to be able to announce that the book Roadcookin’: A Long Haul Drivers’ Guide to Healthy Eating is available from Amazon.co.uk

Driving for a living does not have to mean poor food, weight gain and deteriorating health. Roadcookin’ clears away those roadblocks and gives you the direction to a healthier OTR lifestyle.

In Roadcookin’ you will discover:

  • 8 ways to start losing weight today!
  • The Unique Roadcookin’ 28 Day Meal Plan with Shopping Lists
  • Dozens of recipes for lunchbox ovens, slow cookers and more!

Tachoblog recommends you get hold of a copy.