Long standing Tachoblog readers may recall that back in March we had a post (Tachoblog, Google Street View and Eddie Stobart)that showed an Eddie Stobart truck in Google’s Street View.  Well, thanks to the interesting and entertaining (in equal measure) Google Sightseeing website, Tachoblog can now go one better – or should that be three bigger – with this Road Train captured on the Stuart Highway near Glendambo in South Australia.

road train

Now if you want to read the whole post on this, head over to Google Sightseeing using this link.

But what got Tachoblog thinking was two things.  Firstly, why did Google decide to ‘Street View’ The Stuart Highway – if you don’t know, the Highway extends south to north in the Australia’s interior from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs – in the first place and secondly, who on earth sat down and went virtually along the road in the hope they’d find something?  Answers on a postcard (or via the comments) please…