Renault Trucks now account for 40% of the vehicles used by Iceland – that’s the British food retailer not the country.

Following its first purchase of Renault Trucks in 2009  Iceland, has placed a major order for a further 80 vehicles through Renault Trucks UK.

Iceland 6 427x283

Nine more 18t 270.18 Renault Midlum rigids with Optitronic gearbox and refrigeration bodies went on the road in July, with 71 Renault Premium 4×2 460.18 EEV tractor units with Privilege cab and Optidriver gearbox delivered from October to January 2012.

This order takes Renault Trucks’ share of the 300+ fleet to 40 percent.

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The Premiums will deliver to Iceland’s 748 Stores nationwide, operating out of its four strategically located depots.

The nine Midlums are operating out of the company’s Swindon and Enfield depots, with the trucks’ manoeuvrability making them ideal for deliveries to stores where access is restricted.

Cleaner, greener vehicles which reduce the company’s impact on the environment is a key objective for Iceland, a leading responsible retailer, underlined by its decision to specify the Premiums with EEV (environmentally-friendly vehicle) standard engines.

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Speaking to Tachoblog, Iceland’s Planning and Contracts Manager, David Rowlands, said, “Our current Premium tractor units are performing well and the customer service from Renault Trucks has been excellent, including the Optifuel Infomax fleet management downloads.”

“We chose to add further Renault trucks to the fleet based on a competitive package, the environmental benefits of the Premium’s EEV (enhanced environmentally friendly) engine and a track record of fuel efficiency.”