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Good Luck RandyNose Says Tachoblog

If you read View From The Cab regularly then you’ll know that yesterday RandyNose left trucking for a different line of work.

In yesterday’s View From The Cab we did wish RandyNose well but that’s not enough.  So Tachoblog though we’d create this post too.

Long time Tachoblog readers will know that RandyNose used to be known as LakewoodLoon and before that TheNose100.

As TheNose100 he was one of the first three members of the Tachoblog Tribe and first appeared almost exactly three years ago – 17th March 2009 – with this picture in a post called Tachoblog Can See More Of You


Tachoblog can see more of you then became View From The Cab for which RandyNose designed this banner.

View From The Cab Logo34 427x62

Now click below for more of Tachoblog’s RandyNose special…

RandyNose also created the Frosty Fenders photo competition and helped Tachoblog with our follow up – Summer Trucking.

But it’s for his regular contributions to View From The Cab that you probably know him best.

So Tachoblog thought we’d bring you a small selection:

Dunkirk, New York.

RandyNose 11

‘Fun’ with the snow in Lancaster, New York.

RandyNose 21

From  I-71.

RandyNose 32

On the way to Lancaster, New York on Hwy 5 east of Ripley, New York.

RandyNose 43

Battle Creek, Michigan and telling us ‘Sshh! They make Super Sugar Pops here’.

RandyNose 51

Fremont, Ohio.

RandyNose 6 427x320

Delivery at Great Western Juice near Cleveland, Ohio.

RandyNose 7 427x320

Freshly washed [both him and the truck we presume!] and getting his empty weight taken in Taylor, Michigan.

RandyNose 8

And finally, Delivering at Popsicle Factory in Wheeling, Ohio.

RandyNose 9

Apparently RandyNose only meant to be a truck driver for two or three years.  But did it for tweleve.

But now he’s off to fresh fields and pastures new.  Tachoblog would like to thank him for all his contributions.

And we’re sure that you’d like to join us in wishing him the very best of luck for the future.

(Hopefully he’ll pop by from time to time and send in the odd View too…)


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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for post! :) Don’t think that I’ll forget my “internet” friends. I’ll still be around.

    by Randy Nose on Mar 10, 2012 at 17:10

  2. Congratulations to Randy for finding a new job!

    I have been thinking along the same lines, and I got an offer just this morning. Will see how it works out.

    by Lester Graber on Mar 10, 2012 at 20:16

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