In what Tachoblog hopes will be the first of many ‘RandyNose Interviews…’ posts, today we meet Pale Rider.

For those of you that have been reading Tachoblog for a while, RandyNose (previously known as both LakewoodLoon and TheNose100), needs no introduction.

He’s a driver, blogger and a geek (his words, not Tachoblog’s) based  in Lakewood, Ohio and was a founding member of the Tachoblog Tribe.

RandyNose says that he’s ‘met some some of the most interesting people in my life due to trucking’ and in this series of interviews, we’re all going to get to meet some of them.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know Pale Rider…

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RandyNose: How long have you been trucking?

Pale Rider: I have been trucking for 16 years.

RandyNose: And with 16 years of trucking, that ought to give put you on your 4th round trip back from the moon, right?
(120,000 miles x 16 years = 1920000 miles for 16 years, A round trip is 477,000 miles ÷ 1,920,000 miles = about 4. So about  4 Round trips)
Pale Rider: Sometimes I feel like it!

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RandyNose: Have other family members been truckers too?
Pale Rider: No, I am the first.

RandyNose What got you into it? Did you have the trucking bug since you were a kid?
Pale Rider: I have always wanted to drive a truck. When I was a kid, my family would go on vacation every year, and I was always amazed at the big trucks out on the road. I got a late start in trucking, after a stint in the Marines, and a lot of low paying jobs, it wasn’t until I was 35 when I took the plunge and went to a company sponsored trucking school.

RandyNose What do you like the most about it?
Pale Rider: The most I like about it is probably the freedom of the open road. Being able to see things most people will never see, and the ever changing views. There is nothing like seeing the sunrise over the Rockies, or out on the open Plains, down in South Texas, or on the Atlantic coast. Oh, yeah. And not having someone always looking over your shoulder!

RandyNose What do you like the least about it?
Pale Rider:The least I like about it is the drivers on the road that don’t have a clue how to drive. That’s not just 4-wheelers either. There are some truck drivers out here too that have no business behind the wheel!

RandyNose Could you Name 3 things you would do to change trucking for the better for everyone?
Pale Rider: 3 things I would change trucking for the better of everyone. First, I would crack down on shippers to load a truck as soon as they arrive. Don’t order a truck to load unless the freight and paperwork is ready to go. Second, get rid of lumpers. How can a company order freight, have a truck pick it up, then make the driver pay some second party to unload their freight. I never understood how they can do this. Sounds like it could be illegal. Third, more parking and facilities for the truck driver. We have a major problem with parking, or I should say safe parking. Most truck stops stops fill up early, and if you’re not parked, you will be searching for a place to park, even if you have no hours to. Also, we need better choices for food instead of all these fast food places. Healthier choices that are affordable. And I don’t mean Subway!

RandyNose And how would you implement them?
Pale Rider: How would I implement them? Great question and I have no clue! It would probably take government intervention, which we don’t need, we have enough of that now in our industry. Other than that, I would have to say some investor or company would have to get involved some way.

RandyNose Have you ever run some really weird equipment?
Pale Rider: Yes, a flatbed! That’s probably not to weird for some, but it was for me. I hated it! Now I drive a dry box, and when I get finished loading, I close the doors and ride. Flatbed, I would have to work and get dirty, then still drive. Burn up in the summertime, and freeze in the winter!

RandyNose Is there some oddball equipment you’d like to run?
Pale Rider: I would like to drive some of the old trucks from the 40′s, 50′s, and 60′s. Maybe not on a cross country run, just a few miles where I could say I drove them.

RandyNose Do you think we will ever have propane powered trucks?
Pale Rider: Well, I heard somewhere that they are already here. Not very many of them though. Probably just test trucks or something. I doubt if they will ever take over the diesel OTR truck. Diesel is too much a part of the trucking industry to be taken over by another energy source.

RandyNose What’s your handle and how did you get it? What’s your real name?
Pale Rider: My handle is Palerider, and I got it from the Clint Eastwood movie, Pale Rider. I didn’t settle on that handle until about 10 years of trucking. I had a bunch of handles, but as soon as I heard someone else using mine, I would change it to something else! I only heard Palerider once, and it was on a call in radio show someone had used. My real name is Pale Rider Lawson.

RandyNose I love Clint Eastwood, and his stuff.

RandyNose Thanks for the interview!
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